Room's "translator" -- Light and Shadow
08 Feb 2019

~The soul of bedroom space is tied to its user, the role of soft outfit design is more like interpreter, say style into a kind of exact lifestyle with material. Its core is the promotion of luxury, the atmosphere of the residence, the temperature, the distribution plan of the light, the exquisite texture of the touch. Hunter Douglas hunter window decoration makes space users feel comfortable and at home. Only when the heart is in control, can life be abundant.

For the cloister of this case, we choose SILHOUETTE® and elegant gauze curtain, with a balanced and elegant body form and the texture of opening and spreading, so as to outline the three-dimensional sense of space together with the rational cloister structure. Soft change the strong light of room, protect indoor furniture and the health of the person.

Bedroom, deep and shallow outline of the sleeping space, through the window on both sides of the DUETTE® day and night organ curtain halo refraction, spread out a gentle and restrained space atmosphere. Privacy during the day while enjoying the outdoors, and sleep at night.
The study, lined with COUNTRY WOODS® solid wood curtain, with warm and moist wood as the base, interweave a quiet and elegant temperament. Introduce bright sunlight spectrum, every corner can feel beautiful.

We always hope that home is the origin and destination of life pursuit. The home with Hunter Douglas hunter window trim is, of course, so comfortable and comfortable.

Designer profile: Wang ningning
Graduated from Wuxi institute of technology, and further studied at China academy of fine arts and Edinburgh institute of art.
Now is the hangzhou pinfen life soft outfit design director, devotes to British, French soft outfit furnishings research, good at creating a comfortable and elegant living environment.
There are main design works in Wulin no.1, peach garden of greentown, rose garden of xishang, etc.