Hunter Dougals Asia's first design center
15 Jul 2019
Hunter Dougals Asia's first design center at No. 407 Yishan Rd. Shanghai - Cimen international building materials brand center on the third floor of the grand debut. HD window products are known around the world for their modern design and pursuit of extreme detail, and the upgraded store is a perfect example of this. Adhering to the design concept of innovation, intelligence, aesthetics and life integration, the new exhibition hall combines the modern pearlescent white with the elegant and warm color of logs to create a lively and fashionable atmosphere in the space. In order to meet consumers' expectation and expectation of intelligent products, the exhibition hall breaks the shackles of traditional scene display and displays in a simple and direct way. At the same time, it combines multimedia and intelligent equipment to make the use of products more suitable to the needs of The Times. The unique luminous transmission display area, the control system experience area, and the intelligent home situation demonstration area, all are not hunter window design, innovative boutique, all let our square space become bearing life, enjoy and time emotional space. Through this unique exhibition, we can see hunter's innovation and exploration for high-quality window decoration experience.
After the opening of the store, the audience came in an endless stream, and the innovative display mode and wonderful interactive plate attracted them to stay and appreciate for a long time.