Hunter Douglas Taiwan company visited Shanghai
21 May 2019

Retail in China successfully received leaders and major dealers from Taiwan companies in early may. In retail vice President of Asia, led by Mr Andy, Taiwan visit group travel in China (as well as Asia's first) the hunter tracery experience store, through abundant diverse experience of "immersion" interaction, zero distance contact with the product under different display shows unique charm, and enjoy the tracery product efficiency and infinite possibility in the era of intelligence. After the on-site experience, the dealers in Taiwan said that they had never thought that window decoration products could be presented in such a diversified form, which inspired a new thinking on how to choose window decoration in a specific space.

In the headquarters office in China, Jasen Peng, President of China, vividly Shared the general situation and operation of the group to the visiting delegation. Later, we sat together to learn about the new products and discuss the plans and ideas for the next few months. In addition to sharing inspirations, we also visited and studied the production situation together, and had a comprehensive understanding of various products from processing process, quality control and packaging, thus having a more three-dimensional understanding of hunter window decoration brand.