Dance with Light

Dance with Light
02 Sep 2016
Malaysia's abundance of tropical light is both a boon and a bane – it allows for natural illumination throughout a home, but when too harsh, it causes discomfort from glare and heat. In such a situation, choosing the perfect curtains and blinds become essential to create an amicable living space.

Providing high quality, elegant, energy-saving window coverings, Hunter Douglas is your solution to maintaining home privacy while controlling the desired amount of sunlight flowing through your treasured abode.

Let these 6 tips illuminate the way and bring light to every space in your home…

1. Dimmers are your friend – not only are dimmer switches are a brilliant energy saver, they're a fantastic way of changing the mood of a room with just a turn of a switch. Depending on the time of day, the event and the overall ambience, dimmers are the most flexible way of tailoring your lighting.

2. Don't scrimp on your light fixtures – your light fixtures are a great way of making each room in your home look a lot more sophisticated and modern. They'll also last longer and give off a much better light, so they’re definitely worth investing in.

3. Know your wattage – most table lamps and ceiling fixtures are decked out with 75+ watt bulbs, this is often too high when these are for decorative purposes. Instead, swap out these bulbs for 25-40 wattage to make each room look a lot more flattering and inviting.

4. Maximise natural light – especially in your hallway, kitchen and living room, natural light is key to a calm, open space. Replace any heavy curtains with blinds and shades, like the Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window shadings. These give you the flexibility in allowing as much or as little light in as you like.

5. Tailor your lighting to each room's function – decide on the function of each room to help figure out a lighting plan for your home. Whether you’ll be working, eating or relaxing, understanding how each room will be used will aid in plotting out the lighting in each room of your home.

6. Got low ceilings? Send the light upwards – low ceilings can give off harsh lighting if lights are going directly down onto the room. Instead, choose up lighting for low ceilings to help bounce the light off the ceiling and create a greater sense of space. Hunter Douglas Duette® top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shades allow you to lower the blind from the top of the window allowing light in yet retaining privacy. Natural light will bounce off your ceiling into the room.