How to Choose The Right Window Treatments

How to Choose The Right Window Treatments
04 Nov 2016

As expressed by American architect Louis Kahn, "A room is not a room without natural light", it's essential to choose the right window coverings and blinds for maximum light control and ensure the space feels harmonious through and through.

Window treatments like curtains and blinds are moving toward a simplicity yet stylish trend, with more attentions are given on the functional details such as solar heat and light control, energy efficiency, and child safety feature.

Besides looking for blinds and shades that spice up a home's aesthetic, home owners seek for window treatments that can meet their requirements on home privacy and flexibility to control the desired amount of sunlight flowing through their treasured abode.

There are few important aspects home owners need to examine before deciding which window treatments to go for their home, here are some tips for your consideration.

Light Source
Firstly, we need to look at the location of the windows in the room. If the window faces east, we need to look into window coverings that block off the bright morning sunshine. Whereas for window that faces west, we need products that provide excellent light control from the glaring hot Malaysia's tropical afternoon sun.

Privacy and Function
Identify the level of privacy required in the room—be it the living room, bedroom or bathroom, and choose the products according to your preference. Functionality of the room should be taken into consideration as well, for example, an entertainment room will require window treatments with room darkening fabric, and preferably with sound absorption feature. The level of privacy and function needed will contribute to your choices of window treatment fabric opacities i.e. sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque.

Style and Colour
Traditional, contemporary, modern, sleek, warm, urban or sophisticated? Choose a window treatment with the type of fabric, colour, and material that complement the style you aim to establish for your abode. Colour do wonders to room sand also affects your mood. Having the right colour combination in rooms can make your day. If you want a long-term, classic window treatment, you may consider choose a neutral color closest to the color of the window trim.

Certain window treatments diffuse harsh sunlight into softened light, creating beautiful gradations of light and shadow in the room; while the colour, fabric folds, textures, and finishes of window treatments enhance the desirable aesthetic preference, for example, plush and soft textures help to create a relaxing space with soft-to-the-touch aesthetic.