Style for Your Dream Kitchen

Style for Your Dream Kitchen
03 Oct 2016
It's definitely a great way to kick start a day feeling rejuvenated by having breakfast in dining room filled with luminous light, a nice cup of coffee or fresh juice, and pleasant fragrance of Malaysia’s rich variety of breakfast choices, such as nasi lemak, roti canai, toasted bread with soft boiled eggs, cereals, and so much more!

Indeed, kitchen and dining room is where a lot of us kick start our day, which make styling for your dream kitchen and dining room with desired ambience essential. When styling for these areas, lighting is one of the key elements, not only to make sure that key food prep and cooking areas are well lit, but also to create a balance between the natural and artificial lights.

Window coverings such as blinds, shades, or curtains are excellent decorating choice that can help in controlling the light. Read our kitchen decoration essentials for better light control and styling, no matter which kitchen style you choose to go.

Look for Contrast
Natural materials such as wood make a homely, warm kitchen but if you want to add some edge look for a blind, shade, or window covering that can bring that earthiness up to date; we like this punchy cool acqua with a soft oak tone.

Open It Up
Having an open concept kitchen and dining room is surely an effective way to spur interaction between family members, as daily routines of cooking and eating become shared experiences.

Play with Scale
Playing with size is always a great idea to make your space look unique. Most people play it safe, especially when it comes to lighting. These two huge lantern-style pendants give this dining room a completely unique look.

Hit the Deck
If you are lucky enough to have a view to enjoy, floor to ceiling windows can be uncomfortable in the midday sun. Go for blinds, shades, or curtains that have excellent light control function. Like this Silhouette® shades defuse light softly into the room, enabling you to enjoy natural light with unobstructed view to the outside.

Keep It Clean
Venetian blinds in materials such as resilient aluminium keep their shape and are easy to clean; especially essential if they are near a cooker or hob and likely to attract steam and grease.

Double The View
Venetian blinds with MegaView™ design option offers you unprecedented extra view through the window, by collapsing two slats into one when you open it, giving you double the view through the window.

Freshen Up
Blinds and shades are an excellent place to add colour in a white or pared back kitchen space (very useful for softening hard-edged industrial-style spaces), and if the sun decides to turn up, you can open them up and replace with nature's own version.