We are serious committed to protect children

We are serious committed to protect children
06 Jun 2018
13 years ago, the mother of Gavin Walla caught the moment when the then four-year old Gavin was being strangled silently by a window cord. Gavin fortunately survived but many other kids are not so lucky. Recently, a two-year old Malaysian toddler in Ipoh died of strangulation after playing with a curtain tie-back. Although this is heart-breaking news, it serves as a reminder to check on possible hazards in our home when we have a child, including curtains and blinds.

When child-proofing your window coverings, look no further than Hunter Douglas. Although there are no laws regarding child proof products in Malaysia, Hunter Douglas is ahead of the curve by providing the highest quality, custom-made window shades with child safety support. These assurances are echoed in the latest system, the PowerView® Motorization, an innovative system available with most Hunter Douglas products.

The PowerView® system is a cordless system that uses the intuitive PowerView® App to control and schedule your shades, all without the use of cords. This eliminates the risk of a child strangled by window cords, but the benefits does not stop there.

Most PowerView® motorized window treatments are battery-powered, with the battery-pack hidden behind the headrail. This cordless system not only creates a safer environment for children by removing the threat of child entanglement, it also reduces the risk of electrocution.

The benefit of having motorized shades does not stop at toddlers, but our older children as well. Sometimes, we may leave our older children alone at home to run errands. Motorizing your shades can be a way to simulate the presence of a grown-up at home, as changing the position of shades may make it appear as if someone is inside. This could make your home less of a target for theft.

One can never be overly cautious when it comes to their child’s safety.